10 Creative Ways To Reuse Empty Plastic Bottles

An astonishing 100 million plastic bottles are discarded every day all over the world, out of which 80 million bottles are non-biodegradable. Now you can imagine how much litter we produce every day

This huge amount of plastic (only of bottles) is not only harmful for the environment but has the potential to adversely affect our health. Recycling these bottles is one of the ways to reuse them; but it involves a long process which requires both time and money.

So what can we do with these bottles to save the environment? Well, we can simply reuse them instead of just throwing them away. So what are the ways to reuse these used bottles?

Don’t worry in this article; we have discussed 5 awesome ways to make something useful and attractive using plastic bottles.

So read along to know how you can be creative with this.

  1.    No-Sew Zipper Cases

You can make new zipper cases out of these old bottles without spending anything.  These cases can be used to store all kinds of small accessories. And if you have kids, then it is a perfect box to store all their stationery items.

How to make it: Cut the plastic bottle from below its neck and attach a zipper to both parts of the bottle using glue.  Now decorate the bottle with some decorative items like wrapping paper etc. Your craft box is ready. Kids can also use this idea in their craft classes to make beautiful boxes.

  1.    Sprinkler

A sprinkler is a useful item in your garden. So if your garden does not have one, then get to work and in no time you will have a brand new sprinkler for your garden. It will keep your plants healthy and green.

How to make it: Take an old bottle that has the capacity to hold at least 2 litres of water or more and poke some holes in it. Now insert a pipe or hose in the mouth of the bottle and wrap some tape around it to prevent leaking. Your sprinkler is ready. Now turn on the tap and let this newly made sprinkler water your garden.

  1.    Bird feeders

If you are a bird lover and have birds flocking in your backyard, then this idea is definitely for you. You can feed and enjoy the company of these feathered friends in your garden. It will take little time and money to prepare this ingenious tool.

How to make it: Take an empty plastic bottle and two or three wooden spoons. Now make two or three parallel holes in the bottle and insert the spoons in these holes. Fill it with some grains and feed and your homemade bird feeder is ready. Hang it in the garden and watch colourful birds eat their fill.

  1.    Piggy bank

You can also make cute piggy banks out of plastic bottles for your kids. Also, it is a great way to will encourage them to start saving money.

How to make it: Pick up a used bottle and cut it appropriately. Now, on the top of a bottle, make two eyes and paste two paper-made ears. Also, convert the lid of the bottle into piggy’s mouth. Your cute piggy bank is ready. You can also make other animals or experiment with other designs.

  1.    Kitchen containers

Excellent kitchen containers can be made using old bottles. This will not only fill the empty space in the kitchen but also provide storage for your food items. Making container for the kitchen is easy as well as fun. It will also save the money that you were supposed to spend on buying new containers.

How to make it: For it, take two bottles of different size. Cut both of them in such a way that one can be a base and other can be a cover. Fix the base and cover together and store the grocery items in it.

  1.    Hanging garden

If your home is lacking space for a garden, then a hanging garden is the best solution. It is a great way to feel the freshness of small plants. So stop throwing old water-bottles or cold drink bottles and start collecting them in a large bag or euro container because with a hanging garden you can have as many plants as you want.

How to make it: Take thick and durable bottles and cut them horizontally to plant small saplings. Now hang them against a wall or fence where they can get enough light and air. Your hanging garden is ready with several handmade plants. Water them regularly and feel their freshness.

We hope, you will find these ideas helpful and you can implement them and do your bit to save the environment.

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