Acxion- The Weight Loss Pills

Acxion is mainly prescribed as weight loss diet pills which contains Phentermine hydrochloride which is used for the suppress appetite as it stimulate drugs which is called as Phentermine. One of the main issues that most of the obese people faces are the overeating when they are going in the therapy of weight loss. This overeating becomes a habit of mostly all of the obese people. In a study of Low calorie from UCLA it had been stated that the subjects who consumed about 500 to 800 calorie with the pills Acxion and doing there exercises regularly have seen a weight loss of about 6 to 7 pounds per month. So it is always recommended that a person should have a well maintained balance diet and such pills must be used with exercise while taking the acxion pills to have abalanced weight loss at healthy rate. Acxion pills also help to reduce the level of hunger.

How Does Acxion Works?

Many peoples who desire to lose weight for them the food plays the role of an evil. In this case acxion pills help to stimulate hypothalamus gland as well as selected neurotransmitters in brain which helps to lower the hunger of a person in which the person feels no longer to urge food. After having the acxion pills it will send a message to the brain that the body is not in need of the extra foodthat you are including in your daily life.

Apart from these it is also recommended that while taking the acxionpills a person should have a well balanced diet and these pills must be used with exercises to have a healthy weight loss. Most of the persons who are taking these Acxion pills, don’t have any well balanced diet and adequate exercises and because of this reasons the weight loss pill doesn’t shows any results.

Side Effects Of Acxion Pills

Apart from these weight loss pills, Acxion pills also have some side effects which should not be ignored while taking the pills. So it is always recommended that the person is taking the pills as the doctor prescribed.

The Acxion pills side effects include:

  • Allergies including hives, rashes and itchy skin.
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dry mouth
  • Fainting
  • Having a bad taste in mouth
  • Insomania which includes inadequate sleep
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart beat
  • High blood pressure
  • Headaches

It is always recommended that while using a steroid for weight loss you should go through its advantages and disadvantages part and you should have the brief details about the pills which you are using so that you can have a healthy weight loss. It is also recommended that a person should have doctor recommendation before using the weight loss pills because many weight loss pills vary in some side effects if it is taken in a higher dose which can be injurious to health and in some cases it may also lead to death.

Dosages Of Acxion

Acxion is also stated as phenthermine which is also related to Amphetamine. Firstly before recommending the pills of Acxion a doctor always measures the person’s weight, eating habits, how many exercises they do in a day, their heart rate and their blood pressure. After examine all these things doctor recommends how much dose of pills they should take. Acxion are used by adults and even the kids but it is highly recommended that the kid should be 12 years in age.


Acxion is widely used in an internationational markets but it is also seen some drawbacks in the use of these pills. It is been seen that many persons are using these pills without the prescribed doctors. Some persons are becoming addictive towards these steroid and some persons are getting overdose from it and they are facing some hazards in there life.

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