Anadrol and Anavar – The Possible Effects of This Unique Combination

Anadrol – Anavar stack has been in the bodybuilding circle for a long time now. This combination is commonly used by competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters who are aiming to have an edge in the gym. Everyone knows that steroids are very powerful synthetic hormones even when they are used alone.

            Stacking is a common practice in bodybuilding. This will create a more impressive effect with the drugs combined, and sometimes the stack can also help lessen the side effects. Before stacking steroids, you must understand that you might be enjoying the double effects of these steroids but remember that the side effects are doubled as well.

What is Anadrol?

            Anadrol is the best for off-season cycles since it moves in and out of the body faster than other steroids. For those who are considering Anadrol, remember that this can be detected up to 2 months after your last dose. You have to be careful with your timing when taking this drug.  is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that can help increase the nitrogen level in the body. It has a short half-life of 8 to 10 hours. This means that the drug will be in the user’s system for 2-4 times its half-life.

What is Anavar?

            Anavar is a best when used as a cutting steroid. If you are aiming to achieve leaner muscle cuts instead of getting bulk from water retention, then Anavar is the best choice for you. Anavar is increasing the lean mass by improving the ability of the muscles to take up nitrogen which is essential for protein synthesis. According to users who have tried Anavar, you can achieve visible results in just two weeks. But despite its mild nature, it is still possible to experience side effects with excessive Anavar use.

The Anadrol Anavar Stack

            When using steroids, you might find it common to see that there are cycles that are meant for “beginners”, “intermediate” and “advanced” users. This is very useful especially to those who have never tried using any of the steroids. The Anadrol-Anavar stack is usually much understood when it comes to goals.

            One of the most common cycles when you are running Anadrol with Anavar is for the off-season users. You can run Anadrol daily for 8 to 12 weeks with Anavar. You can start by dosing at 50 mg of Anadrol and combine it with 5 mg of Anavar a day. Then you can increase Anadrol and move up to 10 mg of Anavar in the middle of the cycle.

You can start weaning off Anavar-Anadrol stack by reducing to 50 mg and 5 mg for the last two weeks then transition to a post-cycle therapy program to restart the natural production of testosterone in your body. Since Anadrol can cause water retention, you can time your cycle to fall off 6 weeks before a competition.

When using strong steroids like Anadrol and Anavar together in a stack, you should always remember that there is a high probability rate for potential side effects. Watch out for these effects. Listen to how your body responds before you even take your dosage up a notch. Make sure that you are well-versed with these drugs before you start taking it.

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