How to change mouse controls in Lost Ark?

When going through the game’s opening, you have to choose between two mouse controls—whether to attack with your left click and move with your right or reverse it, moving with your left click and attacking with your right. It then locks you out of using the other choice if you don’t like it. But you […]

How to level fast in Lost Ark?

To level up fast in Lost Ark is not by killing all the enemies that you see and moving on to the next area. Instead, you need to ignore everything apart from the Main quest. These are orange/blue, as these are the quests that net you the most experience for completing them. We also recommend […]

How to get more Skill Points in Lost Ark?

Skill Points in Lost Ark allow you to level up your attack abilities. The more skill points in a single ability, the more damage it deals, and at specific increments, you can select a skill tree tier. To get more skill points in Lost Ark, you can do several different things, but some ways are […]

When do Trade Skills unlock in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark truly begins to open up when you reach the region of West Luterra. You start to unlock trade skills, and these will be your money makers. You haven’t got to choose only one trade skill. You can test them all and choose the one you prefer. But it is recommended to only stick […]