CNC Drilling Machines Widely Used to Increase Productivity

What is CNC Drilling

Many mass production manufacturing businesses use CNC drilling machines for successful operations. With CNC drilling machines, manufacturers can easily drill holes of different sizes and various patterns according to their needs.

Computer Numerical Control drilling commonly abbreviated as CNC drilling is the use of numerical data to drill holes of a specific diameter, pattern, and depth. Just as the name suggests, it is computer-aided machining method that is used in mass production to drill holes with precise depth and diameter.

The use of CNC drilling helps reduce the time used when drilling holes of different sizes. With the regular drill, you have to change the drill bits to obtain holes of various sizes. CNC drilling is automated and much faster as it reduces the time used by manual drills.

At Edmo Limited, we offer CNC drilling services that are highly regarded as the best by most of our customers. Our state of the art machinery is cost-effective because its productivity is incomparable. Our CNC drilling services are also considered time-saving, because of the automated tool changing drill stations that speeds up operations.

Why Use CNC Drilling

Saves Production Time

With CNC drilling machines, users are guaranteed to use less time in production. In business, less production time translates to more money for business owners. That is why our machines provide rapid processing capabilities to lessen the production time. Our automatic tool changing drill stations make our machines much faster than any other CNC drilling machines from any of our competitors.

Experienced Engineers

Edmo Limited has experienced engineers who bring their expertise in design and machining experience to create the best CNC drilling machines, which give users precise results as desired. Our engineers understand the production industry, and therefore, produce creative solutions for our users’ operational needs. Edmo Limited has invested a lot of time and resources to come up with reputable CDC drilling services that are the best in the market.


Our CNC drilling Machines are very affordable. We have cost-effective machines that have high productivity. When it comes to quality machinery that gives the best results, Edmo Limited has your business covered. Manual drilling can be quite cumbersome and a bit expensive for any mass production business, therefore, you need machinery that will reduce the time and costs used in production, and increase your business’ productivity. Edmo Ltd;s CNC drilling machines have these capabilities.

Uses of CNC Drilling

CNC Drilling services are very vital in most mass production operations. Here are some of the operations that require CNC drilling services.

Automotive trailers

Most office furniture

All commercial blinds

Railings and balustrades

Most industrial doors

Edmo Ltd has also supplied CNC drilling services to such operations, with satisfied users bringing positive feedback.

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