Get to know more about HIV and Pregnancy!

HIV simply known as Human immunodeficiency virus which causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome that is aids. If person is suffering from HIV and have the chances of getting pregnant then there is the perfect way to reduce the risk of your partner. It is one of the viruses that weaken the immune system in the body along with reducing the ability to fight against cancers and infections. This virus can be contacted from infected person through blood or other fluids. The other ways through which virus can be infected can be known as

  • Pregnancy
  • Anal sex
  • Unclean needles sharing.

Person can easily get HIV from touching or hugging someone along with swimming in the pools along with bathrooms and personal items sharing. HIV and Pregnancy are interrelated terms as a person who is pregnant is having more risk of getting HIV infections. It is really important for the women that they should move for HIV treatment during pregnancy as to save their child from this virus.

Women will be advised to take many medicines during such period as it will save them from this virus. They will come across with different types of test that can be easily taken for the protection of women along with their baby.

Types of HIV test

Standard test- This is the special types of test that can check HIV anti-bodies. They are good test that can detect HIV in blood soon after the infection takes place. For this test sample of blood is to be drawn that can be easily sent to the lab for testing. It will also cover down urine along with fluids test.

Anti-body test- In this test, HIV is easily detected up to 20 days. Its virus can also be seen up to 2-4 weeks. These tests are also famous for detecting HIV anti-bodies.

These tests plays the major role as it helps in detecting virus of HIV that can spread from mother to baby. But the condition is not always same. This problem will not take place when the mother is healthy. Placenta in the body plays an important role as it will help by providing protection for infant development. For such reason, special counseling is also provided for the same.  In this women are guided to take healthy diet along with removing the deficiency of the vitamin along with iron.

Useful advice

It is important for the women that they should get timely treatment for HIV during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Most of the babies are infected when then they are unable to get proper treatment. They should go for regular visit from time from time in order to avoid such virus. They are safe in nature as mother will not increase the chances of birth defects.

It is important for the women that they should proper treatment for HIV in pregnancy and have to plan for c-section delivery. This way they will get the best solution of this test and they can also take best HIV after pregnancy treatment.

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