Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Milestones/Rare Quests | Full List & Guides

Here are all the Milestones for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7!

With every new Season in Fortnite comes a shiny new list of Milestones based on the Season’s new features. Some of the more simple ones are, of course, used in every season. Still, with every new mechanic Epic adds to the game, they typically use a Milestone to encourage us to test it out.

As Chapter 2 Season 7 kicks off, we have Milestone challenges available. You can find the Milestones and their tiers in the list below.

Milestones/Rare Quests v17.00

MilestoneTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Assist Teammates with Eliminations52050100250
Catch Fish31550125250
Collect Gold10002500100002500050000
Collect Meat255050010002500
Collect Nuts and Bolts255050010002500
Complete Bounties5255075100
Complete Common Quests102550100250
Complete Epic Quests510255075
Complete Legendary Quests310204060
Complete Rare Quests102550100200
Complete Uncommon Quests102550100250
Craft Weapons1050100250500
Damage Opponents50002500075000150000500000
Damage to Vehicles With a Player Inside250100050001000020000
Deal Damage From Above10005000100002500050000
Destroy Shrubs2550100250500
Destroy Stones251002505001000
Destroy Trees10025050010002500
Distance Traveled on Foot2500075000150000350000500000
Don Creature Disguises32550100200
Eliminations From 150m or More3102550100
Eliminations With an Assault Rifle3102575150
Eliminations With Common or Uncommon Weapons525100250500
Eliminations With Explosives3102575150
Head Shot Eliminations32550100200
Eliminations With Pistols3102575150
Players Eliminated525100250500
Eliminations With Shotguns3102575150
Eliminations With SMGs3102575150
Eliminations With Sniper Rifles3102575150
Distance Traveled Gliding10002500100002500050000
Harvest Stone25001000025000100000250000
Hit Weakpoints100100025001000020000
Hunt Animals10502505001000
Ignite Opponents With Fire310255075
Ignite Structures With Fire2550100250500
Consume Apples102550100250
Consume Bananas102550100250
Use Campfires31550100150
Consume Foraged Items1050100250500
Consume Mushrooms102550100250
Melee Eliminations5255075100
Sofas, Beds, or Chairs Destroyed With a Pickaxe2550100250500
Melee Damage to Structures5002500100002500050000
Mod Vehicles13102550
Place Top 101025100200300
Reboot Teammates25102550
Revive Teammates52550100250
Search Ammo Boxes5025050010002500
Search Chests5025050010002500
Search Ice Machines52575150300
Search Supply Drops5102550100
Shakedown Opponents52550100200
Spend Gold Bars10002500500025000100000
Distance Travelled While Swimming1000250050001000025000
Tame Animals52550100200
Thank the Bus Driver102550100200
Upgrade Weapons5102550100
Use Bandages and Medkits251002505001000
Use Shield Potions251002505001000
Use Fishing Spots51575150300
Player Structures Destroyed While in a Vehicle32575150300
Distance Traveled While in a Vehicle50002500075000150000500000

Those are all the Milestones for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7: Invasion! Check out our Fortnite Homepage for the latest news, guides, and content!

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  1. Your missing the animal bones collected milestone

  2. You can create a creature diguse with 4 meat in inventory and craft it.
    Which you can then enable and use to tame animals as well. (Not infected ones, need to kill the parasites first).

    It should be added back to your list

    Don Creature Disguises
    3, 25, 50, 100, 200

  3. There is actually a quest from rick sanchez, that needs you to collect animal bones. Idk how this quest is still in the game, but i obtained the animal bones through fighting in the arena in the creative mode that has been featured, where you fish and collect stuff. I dont know the different milestones tho.

  4. hello and thanks for the work! Can i know how i can check the level of completion of these quests because i dont know if i already achieved some of them and i dont want to lose my time for nothing… The quest menu didnt show all the rare quests (the blues)

    thanks a lot !

    1. I have also been trying to figure out why they dont all show. I would like to know if there is a way to know what ones you have completed. So I know what is left

  5. Hi! Collect gold milestone is wrong. I’m in the /50000 now

    1. Hey, thanks for that catch! We just checked the Fortnite files and see that during the 17.10 update they changed the 5th tier. We’ve updated the list!

  6. Just so you know many of your milestones are incorrect on the reward tears. I have noticed a lot of them go higher than your chart has them. I cant think of any of them offhand I just wanted to let you know.

    1. Hello! We’ve gone through the Fortnite files and determined that while the 5th tier for the Gold Bars was incorrect, the information we have listed above is exactly as it appears in the files, so it should be the most accurate information available. We removed some of the milestones from the full list such as “Harpoon Eliminations” and “Collect Animal Bones” because neither of those items are currently in the game and the milestones cannot be completed.

      1. Actually harpoon elimination rare quests are in the game still.

  7. How did you get all of this so fast? You also typed everything out. In like a day or two!

    1. I think it was under a day haha. We were 100% ready for the season change 😀

  8. Harpoon kills exist, I already completed 2 tiers

    1. Which game mode or creative game did you get the kills with the harpoon gun and have it count? Cause last night I tried in the Bio-War Trios Creative Map and it didn’t work (or at least it didn’t pop up for me).

  9. It really helped me know at what stage I am and how many quest are left to go 10/10 would recommend

  10. I think the Harpoon Gun is vaulted as well, so the harpoon gun ones are impossible too.

    1. It can be done in creative modes.

    2. Thanks for letting us know!

  11. The animal quest isn’t completable beacuse animal bones are vaulted

    1. We didn’t even notice! This is still a Milestone in the game files for this season. We’ll take it out for the time being!

  12. Collect animal bones…? Animals don’t drop them any more.

    1. We didn’t even notice! This is still a Milestone in the game files for this season. We’ll take it out for the time being!

      1. Right now In Finest 2v2s, you can get animal bones because it spawns one in your inventory but then takes it out. Still counts though.

  13. Y’all got this up fast, nice job

    1. Thank you!

  14. That was fast, thanks a lot! 😀

    1. You’re very welcome!