How to use the spy ear

Have you ever had moments wherein no matter how hard you study for a big exam, nothing really registers? We all have our moments and sometimes these moments come at the expense of grades. Students are faced with loads and loads of lessons and sometimes the information might be too much for their brains to handle no matter how hard they try.

Of course, their grades hang in the balance since exams are of course, important. Don’t you wish that there is something you can use to get an upper hand during exams like spy gadgets such as spy ear pieces and spy glasses to complete the look and to help you pass each and every exam you take. Well, with GSM glasses and earpiece set, that wish will become possible. Step up your spy game and pass every exam that comes your way with these gadgets that will make you feel like James Bond on a mission… to pass.

Use of spy ear 

The spy glasses and earpiece set is a foolproof way to pass any exam since it’s virtually invisible and undetectable. The earpiece works by connecting it to a Bluetooth transmitter that’s installed in the glasses which will then be linked to your cell phone, the transmitter also serves as a very sensitive microphone which means you can call for help and talk to them indirectly without anyone noticing, of course you will look like you’re talking to yourself.

Command center 

You can basically set up your “command center” anywhere with good signal and loads of vital information pertaining to the exam. Your command station must be manned by a reliable person being your best friend. How do you contact command center? By simply dialing in your best friend’s number. Your best friend will now basically feed you with all the vital information you will need to pass the exam.

You might wonder how this all works. Basically, the earpiece works as the speaker of the phone wherein you and only you can hear what your friend is telling you and the transmitter discreetly disguised as the glasses. You can secretly talk back to your friend without needing to pull out your phone (phones are banned during tests anyway) with the transmitter being a sensitive mic.

Loads of different applications

The spy set’s application is not only limited to passing exams, it has a lot of other useful applications for people who need to ingest a lot of information. It can also be used by businessmen and public figures when giving out speeches. No more cue cards and speeches to memorize with this handy discreet device. One can literally talk while being fed information on what he or she is supposed to talk about. Memorizing speeches and having cue cards are a thing of the past.

Unleash your inner spy by getting this handy and discreet looking spy glasses and earpiece set which can get any student out of any sticky situation. Virtually undetectable by anybody, the glasses and earpiece set can prove to be a vital part for people who suffer from too much information on a daily basis and can’t seem to take in more information. No wonder why this handy little device is so popular among students since they are some of the most mentally overloaded people, constantly being fed with new information every day.

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