Save Birds & Protect Them From Injuries


For birds, windows of a concrete buildings and residential houses can became an invisible killer because these structures have a tendency to reflect the sky or flora of a particular area and to such creatures, it may seem like appealing place to fly. As the number of building having windows increases in metro and urban areas, their toll on birds is significant.  In many cases, when a bird collides with a window, it gets temporarily stunned but recovers after a few minutes.

However, these creatures eventually die from internal bleeding in the brain because of the collusion. There are two main reasons why birds bump into windows that ultimately lead them to their death. In the first case, they see the reflection of the landscape or potted plants on the other side of the window that makes them crash into such structures. In the second instance, nocturnal migrants hit tinted window because it sticks out of their airspace.

For people who adore birds need to do all they can to prevent to prevent window strikes. In this endeavor, they should start by recognizing windows that are potentially dangerous for birds. Huge picture windows or windows, which are at right angles to each other, are the main culprits. Such individuals need to go outside near their fenders and look at the windows from the point of view of a bird. If they see branches of a trees or the sky reflecting through the glass, birds will also notice this. The following are some of the ways in which ornithologists and bird lovers can stop birds from hitting windows:

  1. Relocate feeders and other attractants

Without have to change the windows of a building, it is possible for the inhabitants of a building or a home to reduce bird mortality due to such incidences by simply moving their feeders to a different location. Most bird strikes tend to fatal when they take off from a distance and are flying at top speed when the collusion occurs. Ideally, the residential owners should keep their feeders within three feet of their glass window.

  1. Covering a window screening on the outside of the glass

Residential and building owners should cover the outside glass of their windows with a netting or window screening about three inches from the glass. Moreover, this net or screening should be tight enough to enable the birds to bounce off it before getting a chance to hit the window.

  1. Install a wooden grille

A convenient way for residents to stop birds hitting windows is by installing wooden grille or vertical tape strips on the outer side of the glass not more than four inches apart.

  1. Cover the glass with a one way transparent film

When people cover the outside surface of the glass with a transparent film in such way that the inhabitants inside a building can see the scenery outside but window appears opaque on the other side.

  1. Installing external shutters

Residential owners can fix external shutters on their windows and keep them closed when they are not in the room.

The above are just some of the simple steps people can take to stop birds from hitting windows.

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