The Intensity of Body Building

Everyone in the industry of fitness and bodybuilding talks about the intensity. Supplement companies develop, manufacture and sell products considering the intensity of your workouts. The intensity seems to be the holy grail of any achievement in our physical, regardless of the objectives we have.

But what is the intensity? According to the definition of Diccionario.com, the intensity is doing something that costs us or degree of force with which a phenomenon is manifested. It can also be a part of a weight lifting regimen. The intensity should depend on how much you can actually take and not on how much you think you can take.

This sounds good, but what does this mean in terms of achieving our goals? Everyone who has developed his own exercise protocol will try to persuade to believe that their method is the best. Many authors say that strength training intensity is to perform one repetition maximum. Others will say that the high-intensity training is to carry out an exercise to failure. We often see in pictures from magazines that try to visually encapsulate the intensity of the training of a professional bodybuilder or athlete. Doing the same routines that we see in these magazines does not mean that we will have the same level of intensity shown in the photos.

My opinion about the intensity: We can spend all day trying to visualize, quantify, and define, but it will be useless for us if we do not apply! I will not create a new exercise program, but I will encourage questioning what you are currently doing. The application of intensity to achieve your goals around three qualities: hard work, focus / objectives and believe in yourself.

Hard work

The work is the first quality that is needed to implement the intensity. Can you train to failure? That issue is already another article I wrote some time ago. The muscles may be able to recover, but if your central nervous system does not, cannot complete the subsequent training with the same intensity.


No focus/attention, no purpose when working hard. Establishing your goals define your focus. If your goal is to become a better athlete, then your attention or focus is on the development of functional strength that will carry the chosen activity and improve your skills in that activity. While many people would like to have these three characteristics at the same time, it is probably better to focus on one at a time. You must have the clear focus in order to apply the appropriate level of intensity necessary to achieve your goals.

The approach is also making the intensity is effective.

Believe in yourself

In order to apply a maximum intensity level, you need to achieve the desired results you have to believe in yourself and believe in the training method you choose to employ. What is the point of following a specific training plan, if you do not believe in your ability to execute that plan, or even in your own plan?

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