The modern history of doping for bodybuilding

The steroid use to begin the first revelation for strength in sports at the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. The Soviets were predominantly dominated by most of the weight classes. When she had completely dominated the weightlifting World Championship in 1954, the doctor of the Soviet team had just shown at the time the team doctor of the United States John Ziegler had given the athletes injections of testosterone.

Sports Bodybuilding Steroid

Derselbe doctor Ziegler, who a few years later with the help of pharmaceutical companies develop Ciba the first anabolic steroids, the “methandrostenolone” or the “Dianabol”. This is what allowed the dominance of the United States in Weightlifting competitions a few years later. Then several anabolic steroids with very different properties are created. It will then return the East Germans in 60 years to the race muscle doping. They succeeded in dominating the Olympics for two decades.

Sports Bodybuilding Steroid beginning with Baseball! Major League Baseball in the United States was the last sports organization to implement a comprehensive screening policy. A bottle of food supplements found in the locker room of the famous Gwire Mark Mc who was on the way to beat the home run ball world record, a deal trigger that will complete 85% of baseball professional use steroids. Steroids are necessary to enhance ability in sports athletes.

The reason for doping in bodybuilding and sports

Today many professional sports have become, many athletes and sports have lucrative contracts with the sponsors in particular. Thus, they have found a way to extend their careers en constantly to improve their performance and avoid possible injuries. It is understood that the use of steroids or different hormones is more than a sporting career necessary or mandatory.
Sports Bodybuilding Steroid, however, it is still difficult to know the truth about the actual intake of anabolic steroids from athletes. The percentage of actual steroids as user doping varies some polls and media. Although it seems sometimes more than obvious, some results of some sports given such as Lance Armstrong, cycling, after the end of his career ingesting steroids finally confessed and EPO won for every contest, repeated scandals begin to become commonplace in sports.

The game of cat and mouse between politics, media, and sports became the official sports arena today. All moral values ​​of sport undermine because of it surely because of the huge sums of sponsors for the love of the sport itself.


The science there is some things to change. Old World Sport has nothing to do with today. If during the years, sportsmen flagged doors were bequeathed their victories to their nations, they are only representatives of their sponsors today. The stakes are not the same. It will still admit that it will soon be possible to achieve certain results without reinforcing some hormones. Today, it is also the world of amateur sports concerns, practitioners who want to improve their performance and seek the safe way to get the right products to achieve their goal. So, Steroids are necessary to enhance ability in sports athletes.


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