The portion of plantar fascia begins at the heel bone and this runs along bottom portion of foot, which is forming thick, tedious sheathes which may help to hold the entire portion of toes in place. Within and surrounding, the plantar fascia are the very small nerves which innervate the foot and then register the pain in lower part of the body portion. This is the main reason to cause severe pain in plantar fascia. There are many services which are offering treatment to these common problems. In that list NYDN rehab center is doing their services to cure plantar fasciitis therapy.

The plantar fascia tissue is mainly composed of 3 major sections, and among these three sections, middle portion is the largest and also most vulnerable. The portion plantar fascia is like an instrumental in providing huge support and shock absorption to foot, carrying up to 14% of weight supported by foot portion. There are many treatments followed here to cure from plantar fascia, let us discuss about some treatments availing in NYDN rehab service center.

Stretching the plantar fascia has not at all shown y research as very much beneficial. The clinical experience over 10 years of treating the patients with PF may shows that stretching may increase the symptoms of PF in acute stage and this can even increase the symptoms in chromic stage if this exceeds the tissue tolerance.

Many researchers have shown that the custom made orthotics are not superior to prefabricated one and both these things have some limited value in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Some follow steroid injection, this may help to reduce inflammation in initial stage of PF, but the problem of this is that it does not address the main cause of PF, and next one is that this mat cause fat pad atrophy. And some studies have shown by following these techniques, it does not provide any result.

Strapping had been shown to have some good form of therapeutic effects on decreasing tensile forces to Plantar Fasciitis; therefore this allows healing to occur. The downside of strapping is that this needs to be frequently and properly done by some of the qualified specialists.

Some recent study on physical therapy includes 32 studies have been concluded that the functional physical therapy has been moderate effectiveness for people who are suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis. The recent research has shown that the extracorporeal shock wave therapy is most effective way of treatment for PF.

In NYDN rehab center, developed very comprehensive treatment approaches for PF and also for some heel pain disorder. They are also singing diagnostic ultra sonography images for ankle and foot disorder. They are also using the above mentioned extra corporeal shock wave therapy to cure PF.

The most important thing is that they have combines the functional of physical therapy with mentioned extracorporeal shock wave therapy. Over the past ten years, they are successfully treating more than thousands of patients with various forms of pain in their leg portion. So, come here and cure your pain in feet.


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